Friday, January 8, 2010

The Story of a Princess

Sometimes friendships start in odd ways; in ways that are rather unexpected, or perhaps even unintentional. It is these friendships, I find, that often turn out to be the best, most deeply treasured friendships in one's entire circle of acquaintances…

"Hello, Beautiful!" a tall girl with flowing long hair greeted me as she entered our dorm room. My roommate had introduced me to her last week, but we had had no conversation, as I had been watching them practice starting IVs. She turned to Paula, my roommate. "I came for those notes from med-surg. Could I type them up, then bring them back?" She draped her arms around a very stressed Paula, "I'll even type them up for you!"Armed with Paula's note book, this elven lady turned back to me. "Be good!" she gaily admonished me, then she floated out of the room, leaving me wondering whether I had been dreaming or not.
I brushed it off, unsure what to think, presuming the girl was a rare occurrence, and that I would not see her again. But I did.
The next week the weather became very cold, and my blanket was insufficient to keep me warm. While I was in the middle of borrowing a blanket from Paula, the elven lady returned.
"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked reproachfully, "I have a blanket you can use, let me go get it." She returned with a beautiful blanket that had depictions of horses running on it. "Be careful with it," she admonished me as she touched it gently, "my mommy made it for me. I don't want anything to happen to it." When the cold snap was past, I left the blanket inside the girl's door, with a packet of instant, brownie fudge cocoa mix on top of it. The girl came to our room the next night.
"Thank you for the cocoa, Beautiful! It was wonderful; you made me feel special."

The girl became "Princess," and our friendship blossomed richly. She was one of those people who makes one happy by being happy; someone who leaves a wafting scent of herself wherever she goes, by the kindness and love which she gives to all.
Princess, as I shall continue to call her in this post, was a senior nursing student, and as I came to know her better, it became a tradition for one or the other to slip into the other's room a little before lights out to talk. She was always so good, so wise, so gentle and womanly, that I thought she must have been from a wonderful Christian background. I longed to become like her, and be known as a gentle, wise, caring woman.

One night as we were talking, Princess told me her life story, and it was not at all what I had imagined it to be. It was quite the opposite, and I cried as I learned of the terrible childhood that she had had. How, out of something terribly tragic, had she become so gentle and sweet?
"When I was about fifteen," she said, "I realized how eaten up I was with hate. I didn't want to be that way, so I gave it to God, and He turned it into love. He can take anything, even the most ugly, tragic thing, and turn it into something beautiful."
She reached out and touched my hand, "I don't want you to be sorry for me, I told you my testimony because I want it to encourage you. God can use anything for His glory, even something like that. Think of how much more so He can use smaller things! Even if we see nothing good in them at the time, He can turn it around and make it good."

Princess had encouraged me by more than her testimony, however. It was her life that I watched and learned from. I had the pleasure of observing her and a gentleman as they finalized their steps into courtship, and I had the joy of being told, by a sublimely happy Princess, "I'm in love! It feels so strange! I really do think I've fallen in love!" I could only bite my lip and try not to cry from pure joy. It was my dream for her, and now it had happened. God had poured His love into this girl's heart, and replenished many times over the lost years of happiness. He had taken this terrible thing, and through it, given her a desire to minister to girls in similar situations, much more effectively, and He had brought her a man such as was rarely found. He had been faithful.

And so, dear sisters, I pass the story of Princess on. Not to make you feel sorry for her lost childhood, but to encourage you. Most of you come from Godly Christian homes, yet you complain when a minor hurt has befallen you. You pity yourself when asked to prepare supper, and wash the dishes afterwards, and babysit the children, and get the wash done. You think that a parent is mean, or unjust, and you allow that thought to root in your heart, where it will grow more quickly than you ever thought possible. Girls, Princess would not be the gentle, sweet woman she is, if she had not realized that she must uproot the hate that had overtaken her heart.

This world needs more Princesses--girls, ladies, women--who turn tears into joy, and ashes into beauty. Women who encourage and uplift, who remain cheerful despite the odds.

Girls, it's up to you. Will you be a Princess?


Ashley Sebo said...

I really enjoyed this post! I'm so glad you were able to meet and become friends with the likes of "Princess!":)

I was deeply encouraged by this story! I often look back on my past and grit my teeth as my failures fly through my mind, discouraging and tearing me down. I have often despaired that "no one will ever want me" because of them. I realize this is a lie from Satan but, it can really get to me!:(

It is always encouraing to hear other's testimonies!:) Thank you for sharing about "Princess!" I was equally overjoyed to read about her courtship! God is indeed very faithful and good to us all!!

Have a wonderful evening!! Love you!

Ashley C said...

Dear Ashley,

I am so glad that the story of Princess encouraged and uplifted you! I know that it did that to me when she told me, that is why I wanted to pass it on.

Don't look back! Look UP! =) Look to God. Her story truly showed me the importance of giving the past to God, I hope it helps you as you continue the fight.

Observing her courtship has been a tremendous blessing to me. I hope to write a post on it next summer.
I had no idea that a man such as the one who is courting her still existed! But he does, and he has chosen her. Not for who she was, or for the past, but for who she is. For who she has allowed God to make her. May that encourage you, as well!

Naomi said...

Ashley... such a beautiful post! Thanks so much for sharing. It's so true that God can work through even the ugliest situations. And He not only works through them, He makes us (imagine that!) beautiful.

Will try to answer your email before too long. I really enjoyed hearing from you. :-)

Ashley C said...

Naomi, you are more than welcome. =)
I look forward to hearing from you.
Blessings, dear friend!