Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Raj: Brigand Chief

My interlibrary loan finally arrived! I had ordered Raj: Brigand Chief by Amy Carmichael some months ago and was thrilled when I was able to pick it up today.
It is the story of Amy's Robin Hood--a robber chief who became a Christian and shared the greatest news ever told with the people that he "held up." But the law did not care that he had changed, his crimes must be punished, and so he died a noble death; at Amy's request, "Without a weapon in his hands."
It is old--printed in 1927--and it has a dim, faded, light green cover. The binding has long since worn away and in its place is black replacement tape. The corners, too, have been reinforced with the tape. It savors of musty librarys, forgotten heros and noble deeds.
On the inside fly leaf are written these words:
D.C. Waller
Tinnevelly Dist. (?)
The book holds many mysteries that I will never know... Perhaps Amy Carmichael herself held this book and read its pages...just perhaps...just perhaps...

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