Monday, March 9, 2009

Watching Eyes

We were both brushing our horses, I, after a hard lesson, the young girl, in preparation for her's. Looking up, we smiled at each other.
"You're really good," the young girl told me with big eyes and awe in her voice.
I was shocked. Really, I didn't know what to say. Being the youngest, I have naturally always looked up to people. I have followed the leader so often that I'm not even sure that I could lead--I definitely know I can not hold my own in a logic argument, my brothers showed me that.
It is my nature to sit in the shadows and watch others, so following comes very easily to me. But this girl just told me that I was good, if I had heard her rightly... Why on earth did she do that?
Then it dawned on me, and I recalled the time when I, too, had watched a girl ride out a bucking horse. Wasn't I in awe of her? Didn't I dream of being able to sit the ride out instead of being deposited (most ungracefully, I might add) into the arena sand? But I never thought I would be able to--that girl that I watched was so talented with animals, so graceful, so understanding... No, I'd never be like her, no way.
I realized suddenly that the young girl who had witnessed my lesson was in that same position...the only change being that now I was the one being looked up to.
It was breathtaking, frankly.
I took a deep breath and looked up,
"I wasn't always...It took a long time."

I never thought it would happen to me, but it did. Even if you don't think so, someone is watching you; someone is admiring you; you are someone's role model.
It isn't a position to be taken lightly, and you must watch every step you take because someone else is following in your footprints. It's not easy, but it is extremely rewarding. Treasure this chance to change a child for the better, and lead them up and in.


Naomi said...

Ah... this was a thought provoking post. I think God allows us to experience both sides of this (looking up and looking down *grins*) for a reason... and I think that's a good thing. :-)

Perhaps you'll get another chance to be with this girl and you will be able to be sort of a big sister to her. :-)

Keep the posts coming!!

Naomi said...

btw, I know I told you this before, but that artwork is absolutely lovely!

Ashley C said...

Thank you for commenting, Naomi. =)
Yes, God definately allows us see both sides for a reason. There are so many that have had a tremendous impact on really does make one realize just how much one can change a person by their example.

I'm glad the art has blessed you. =)